Dry Lining Services

Dry lining is the method of constructing interior walls and ceilings using panels made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper, then kiln dried.

Dry lining or Drywall construction has become a speedier alternative to traditional plaster interior finish techniques, which involved hand-placing base, scratch and finish coats in successive layers by hand. Drywall, by contrast, requires hand finishing only at the fasteners and joints. This new process requires less labour and drying time, and is the cost effective method of finishing interior walls in most modern buildings.


Supply & Fix for all dry lining applications:

Linings - DLS can install linings to external or internal walls, masonry or profiled metal structures, using standard or insulating plasterboard.

Partitions - laminated, honeycomb and timber stud systems for domestic use, metal stud for non-domestic buildings.

Floors and ceilings - timber and metal based systems providing a wide range of sound insulation performance.

Fire protection DLS install metal based systems providing fire protection solutions for shafts, structural steel and ceilings - commonly used in modern buildings.


Suspended Ceilings:


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